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888 Uncang Teko Teh "O" Kosong (2g x 20s)
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Brand 888
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With experience in tea crafting since 1942, every 888 black tea is famously known for its flawless and enlivening original taste. The secret? Professionally selected tea leaves and superior blending skill, of course!

Our Uncang Teko Teh blend features an original silky smooth black tea taste that goes well with any preparation. Most important, it does NOT contain any artificial colouring or flavouring. What are you waiting for? Make a cup and enjoy your day!

888 Uncang Teko Teh Teh O Kosong’s specialty:

  • No artificial colouring or flavouring
  • Premium tea blend sensation
  • Improved formulation to match favourite local taste
  • Perfect original Teh O taste
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