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TG Bean Arcane Blend Arabica Drip Coffee
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Brand TG Bean
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Coffee Profile
Blend        : Arabica + Robusta Beans
Origin        : India + Sumatra
Available in    : Wholebean/ Medium Grind/ Drip Coffee
Pack Size    :  11g x 7 serving (Drip Coffee)
Tasting Note    : Spice and Tobacco
Roasting    : Medium-Dark
Body        : 5 out of 5
Acidity        : 3 out of 5
Certification    : Halal, GMP and ISO9001 certified.

This coffee comes with strong and full body. Suitable for preparation of all espresso-based beverage, encourage to consume black/ with milk and cream. Medium grind coffee recommended for Aero-press, Moka Pot, all kind of Pour Over and Drip Coffee.

Drip Coffee Serving Instruction:
1.    Open Drip Bag along the indicated line.
2.    Hang Drip Bag on a coffee cup.
3.    Prepare 180-220ml hot water based on your preference.
4.    Slowly pour a sufficient amount to soak the coffee.
5.    Rest for 20 seconds. Slowly pour the remaining water.
6.    Rest for another 1-2 minutes. Remove the Drip Bag and enjoy.

TG Bean is a new series of 100% Coffee Bean produced by 888 Tea & Coffee. Established since 1942, we strive to combine the freshness of coffee bean with professional skill of coffee enthusiasts for 79 years. Blending with only finely selected beans from Central and South America, Africa and Asia, we ensure every single bean is skilfully roasted to provide the best taste that coffee lovers have been longing for.

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