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TG Tea Masala Tea (150g)
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TG Tea Masala Tea
Its more than just spiced milk tea! Masala Tea a milky, sweet, spiced-filled black tea originated in India and were enjoyed throughout South Asia. Picture this - small pot with milky foam and bubbles on your stove threatening to overflow, flecked with black tea granules and spice filled aroma will be hard to ignore right? Now, can you resist the creamy piquant taste? Try it today!

TG Tea Masala Tea ‘s specialty:
•    Traditional beverage of Indian origin
•    Mix of premium black tea with aromatic fresh-ground spices (each with numerous health benefits)
•    Traditionally, it’s an enjoyable immunity booster which aids in cold & cough 
•    Good for digestion 
•    Bold, tannic flavour of tea that compliments masala chai’s sweet, creamy, and spicy notes

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